This tutorial covers the basics on rotating objects and canvases.

  • Under Image > Image Rotation, users have the option to rotate the canvas in a number of ways.
  • Rotation options are: 180º, 90º clockwise (CW), or 90º counterclockwise (CCW), which rotate the canvas accordingly. An additional option is to rotate it an exact number of degrees, used only if the user knows what number of degrees he/she wants it to be rotated.

Below are examples of what an image will look like if rotated at 180ºor 90ºCW or 90º CCW:

  • Choosing the arbitrary option opens up a smaller window with:
    1. A field to input the number of degrees.
    2. CW/CCW selection. Unless you know exactly what number of degrees you wish to rotate the canvas, then you don't access this menu.
  • If, on the other hand, you want your canvas rotated such that certain lines in your document become either the horizontals or the verticals, then under the tool palette you choose the ruler tool. Access this tool either by clicking and holding down on the eyedropper tool, or navigating the menu: Analysis > Ruler Tool.


  • Once you have this tool selected, draw along the lines in your document that you want to make horizontal or 
    vertical with the tool like shown below.
  • When you are done, select the arbitrary option and Photoshop will tell you the degrees of the line you just 
    drew. By doing this, you are telling Photoshop to rotate your canvas in the same direction and same amount 
    of degrees as the line you just created with the ruler tool.
  • Once you press OK, this is how your canvas will look. Note that the axis Photoshop chooses as default for 
    rotating is the bottom left side of your page.


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