This tutorial covers two methods of selecting content in your Photoshop document, the marquee tool and the lasso tool.

Marquee Tool

The Marquee Tool is for creating an area of selection.

  • The Tool Bar icon looks like a rectangle/oval.
  • Once the tool had been selected, the selection can be made on the image.
  • The area just selected can also be further manipulated by the combination of commands using theShift+Option+Command keys on the keyboard.
  • On the right-hand side of the screen, the Info box describes the function of these commands when used individually or in combination. For example:
    • Selecting the Shift key alone will allow you to add to the existing selection
    • Selecting the Command key alone will allow you to move the existing selection
    • Selecting the Shift+Option key will allow you to add to subsets of the existing selections.

The Info Palette can be referred to for more accuracy in your selections. This tool gives the exact dimensions of the selection and can be used to further manipulate the selected area in terms of increased precision.

Lasso Tool

The Lasso/Polygonal Lasso is for selecting irregular shapes. All of the rules and keystrokes from Marquee tool apply to this tool as well.

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