Upgraded smart classrooms: ready for in-person, hybrid, and online teaching and learning

Some parts of smart classrooms will seem familiar, others will not.  We have learning and support resources for you in our new Upgraded Smart Classrooms guide.

What is a "Smart Classroom?"

Pre-Covid Era, the most basic requirements for a classroom to be "smart" are a data projector, a projection screen, and a computer. Some smart classrooms also have a digital overhead document cameras and integrated sound systems.  Now in the Covid Era, smart classrooms incorporate even more technology, such as two cameras, more robust interface for laptops, additional monitor, and microphone(s)* Not all classrooms listed on this site are Smart Classrooms.

* Microphones not available by default in all classrooms, same with document cameras.  If you need one, please contact ims@whitman.edu. 

Where Can I Find a Smart Classroom? ← warning: contains some pre-covid era information that may be out of date.

Maxey Hall 
Olin Hall
Hall of Science

Other buildings

Additional Resources

Report a problem with classroom technology

Smart Classroom Etiquettewarning: contains some pre-covid information that may be out of date.