Computer and technology support is centralized at Whitman, with hardware and software support, as well as purchasing, handled by Whitman College Technology Services. Grant-funded computer equipment should also be purchased through, or in consultation with, Technology Services if you wish to receive technical support from Whitman. Regularly allocated computers (not grant-funded) are on a replacement cycle (laptops are replaced every 4 years; desktop computers every 5 years). As soon as possible after you arrive, WCTS will deliver a computer to your office (subject to office availability). You can help us provide the best possible computer for your needs by telling us about your preferences through our New Faculty Technology Registration Form for Visiting, Part-time, and Adjunct Faculty or Tenure-track Faculty .

Types of computers
Whitman supports both Dell Windows-based PC's and Apple Macintoshes, so you may specify your preference. Specific models and features vary depending on availability, and your type of position, but below are typical configurations. Let us know if your hardware needs are different than what we have listed, and we will work with you as much as we can.

Click the appropriate link below, and follow the instructions on the page to let us know about your technology needs. 

If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact the appropriate Instructional & Learning Technologist for your Division.