About Email Forwarding

Email forwarding is a way to funnel email messages sent to multiple addresses into one inbox. For example, you can have one or more Gmail or other third-party email accounts forward to your WhitMail account. Instead of needing three separate inboxes, you would now only need to check one.

In the scenario above, your WhitMail account acts as your primary inbox. You can also choose to use a different email address as your primary inbox by forwarding WhitMail emails to this other account. Regardless of which account you choose (WhitMail or another email service) to use as your primary inbox, you can opt to keep copies of an email in two locations: the account to which the email was originally sent (which has the forwarding service enabled) and the primary account that the email is ultimately delivered to.

Forwarding WhitMail Emails to a Personal Account

Information about how to forward WhitMail emails to a personal account can be found in Google’s guide on email forwarding. Keep in mind that if you use another email service as your primary inbox, you will still need to send listserve emails via your WhitMail account.

Forwarding Personal Account Emails to a WhitMail Account 

You'll need to contact your personal account provider to determine whether or not their webmail client supports forwarding. Since different account providers have different webmail interfaces, you should also contact your personal account’s service provider or consult their online documentation for detailed instructions about how to enable forwarding.

When you forward emails from a personal account to a WhitMail account, you can generally use WhitMail’s interface to send messages with another of your email addresses listed as the sender in place of your WhitMail address. Information explaining how to enable this feature can be found at Google’s Adding a Custom “From” Address Page . Make sure to expand the “I’m a Premier/Educational Google Apps . . .” section link.