What is QUACK and Faculty WebAdvisor?

QUACK ("Quick Access Kiosk") lets you view information in the administrative computing system using a web browser from your computer. The information available to you consists of your vacation and sick leave balances (if applicable), class schedules, class listings and rosters, and advisee information. To see this information you will need your Whitman email username and password.

WebAdvisor is where you can search for and view basic information about available Whitman classes, current enrollment levels, closed/open status of classes, etc. You can narrow your search by academic year, department, instructor, etc.

Logging In

  1. Open a common web browser (Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, etc. -- we always recommend staying away from Internet Explorer unless absolutely necessary) and go to http://www.whitman.edu/faculty. 
  2. Go to one of two areas on the resulting page (depending on the resource you want):


    • In the section of links labeled "faculty toolbox," click on Search for Classes (or Advanced Search for Classes). No password is required for this area, just make sure to select the semester you want before entering your search criteria.
    • For QUACK, locate the "Log-in" area in the right side bar of the page. In the drop down menu select CLEo. 
      1. Enter your Whitman email user name and password.
      2. Click the Login button.
      3. A greeting page will be displayed with a list of menu options on the left side of the page.


  1. Once logged into Quack, click on the Faculty Advisee List link (on the left side menu bar).
  2. A listing of your advisees will be displayed, along with their information. You can click on the name of an advisee to access detailed academic information about your advisee. This information includes the advisee's profile, course schedule, unofficial transcript and GPA, degree evaluation and registration tools.

Class Rosters

  1. Click on the View Class Roster link or the Next Term Class Roster link (on the left side menu bar).
  2. A listing of your classes will be displayed. Click on the name of a class to access a detailed list of your students. 

Class Schedule

  1. Click on the WebAdvisor link (on the left side menu bar).
  2. Click on the Class Schedule link under the Faculty heading (center of the web page). A new web browser window will open, and you will be asked to login again, using your Whitman email username and password.
  3. Select an academic term from the pull-down list.
  4. Click the Submit button.
  5. A listing of your class schedule for the selected term will be displayed.

Search for Classes and Enrollment Information

  1. On the main Faculty webpage under the Faculty ToolBox select Search for Classes/Enrollment Information.
  2. Enter your search criteria, which can be by term, department, subject, course level, instructor, days and times, or even keywords. Any combination of the above criteria is also fine. Click Submit.
  3. A listing of classes meeting your criteria will be displayed. The listing will include information about corequisites, class enrollment, and additional course fees. 

Can't find what you're looking for? Email us at itknowledgebase@whitman.edu and let us know!