Internal Fees

Equipment can be checked out for academic use free of charge. Late returns will be charged $10/day up to the replacement cost of the equipment.

Event support will be provided at a cost of $25.00/hour. We will not charge for simple setups if we do not need to stay around during the event. We reserve the right to determine what constitutes a simple setup. All weekend events (starting Fridays at 5:00 PM) WILL be charged for setups.

Weekend events require a minimum of 7 business days notice to ensure technical support and may be required to pay the staff overtime rate. 

Video conference support outside of normal hours is $35/hour with a minimum of one hour.

External Fees

External fees apply to any group hosting an event that is not Whitman sponsored.  If using technology, an IMS support technician is required for the event duration at a rate of $35/hr.


 Data projecter $250 $1000
 Laptop (PC & Mac) $200 $1200
 Portable projection screen $50 $450
 Wireless presenter remote $10 $50
 DVD/VCR player $15 $100
 Document Camera $150 $1000
 Camcorder $50 $500
 Tripod $10 $75
 Portable voice recorder $15 $125

Equipment is checked out on a per day basis.  If equipment is lost or damaged during an event, the external group may be required to cover the replacement costs.


Questions or concerns about fees should be directed to Jon Loney at 509-527-4972.