Custom lists are lists that may be set up by any member of the Whitman community. These lists are targeted towards more specific audiences than the standard campus lists. Many clubs, organizations, and classes choose to create custom lists to distribute information to anyone involved or interested in their group.

Creating a Custom List

Requesting a new Google Group  may be done quickly and easily. 

  • Log in to the "Request New Google Group" page. This should bring you to a new page where you can assign a name, email address, description, and access level.  The person requesting the group is the owner by default. 
  • After you have filled out the data, click "Request a New Google Group". This will send in a group request. You should receive an email in 1-2 days containing a summary of the details of your new group. 
  • After you receive the confirmation message, your group has been created. The group owner will now be able to manage the group via the link provided

Group Management 

You can customize your group through the provided link in the confirmation email, including changing ownership, memberships, and many other options.

Note: When a list owner graduates or leaves Whitman, it is important to pass on ownership to the group. 

Additional Help

See Google online documentation for more help.  A link to Google's help pages is provided in the confirmation email.


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