Guest accounts allow access to the Internet, Whitman Network and associated resources.  This includes the use of computers in public labs and printing to the public laser printers.  It does not give access to the Residence Hall network. Furthermore, upon termination of the account, no files are retained.

Those visitors wishing to access the Internet via mobile device can do so through the Whitman Guest wireless network.  You will need to fill out a short form and accept the Acceptable Use Policy to obtain login credentials.

Short-Term Guest Accounts

The following offices/individuals can be contacted to create a visitor account:

  • Admissions: Katie DePonty
  • Alumni Relations:  Nancy Mitchell and Jason Arp
  • Athletics: Stephen Gall
  • Conferences and Events: Contact Conferences and Events
  • Dean of Faculty's Office: Karen Zollman, Susan Bennett
  • Dean of Students' Office: Bridget Jacobson, 
  • Development & College Relations: Shannon Shearer 
  • Division I: Richele Heilbrun, 
  • Division II: Katina Henderson, Debi Morehead
  • Division III: Stephanie Johnson, Ruth Ladderud
  • Human Resources: Krista Garcia
  • Penrose Library: Kathleen Hutchison, Dalia Corkrum
  • President's Office:  
  • Reid Campus Center: Jessica Ruiz, RCC Information Desk Students
  • Student Engagement Center: Marisol Becerra
  • Technology Services: Ronnelle Partlow, Rich Hinz, Kevin Kelly, Mike Osterman, Ian Quorn, Peter Shultz, Robert Fricke, Linc Nesheim, and David Sprunger

Padlock  Create a Short Term Visitor Account (restricted link)

Long-Term Guest Accounts

Long-term guest accounts are available for individuals who are conducting activities related to the educational mission of Whitman College and are directly associated with the College, but are not officially on the College's payroll, e.g. visiting professors/scholars, members of auxiliary groups, and others who are working on College business or are affiliated with the College.

Default duration of a guest account is six months, with the maximum being one year. If an account holder wants to extend his/her account at the end of the account period, it is his/her responsibility to renew by submitting a new Guest Account Application/Renewal form.

How do I get a long-term guest account?

A long-term guest account requires a written request and a sponsor.

  • The application form can be downloaded in electronic format  (pdf).
  • A sponsor must be a full time Whitman faculty or staff member  working closely with the guest.
  • Submit the application form to WCTS, attn: Ronnelle Partlow (
  • The Chief Information Officer will make the approval decision.
  • Applicant will be notified via personal email with instructions for activating the account.

Terms of Use

  • WCTS reserves the right to terminate a visitor account at any time if the situation warrants such action. 
  • Long-term Guest e-mail accounts SPAM filtering and virus checking services are provided by Google.
  • Upon termination of the account, no files or email will be retained.