Upon leaving Whitman...

Whitman Alumni maintain their WhitMail accounts for one year after they graduate, at which point the account is terminated. Faculty who leave the college may retain their email accounts for 6 months. Staff who leave the college do not retain their email beyond their departure (any short-term exception determined by their supervisor). Retiring staff and faculty may maintain a Whitman WhitMail account for life.

 Here are several tasks that anyone leaving Whitman (Faculty, Staff or Students) should consider before they leave campus.

  1. Save Important Emails or Merge WhitMail with GmailAs most people leaving Whitman do not maintain their WhitMail accounts for very long after departure, it is a good idea to save important emails to an email client program or to merge your WhitMail with a Gmail account.
  2. Export Important Google Docs to your Computer: Your Google Docs can be downloaded straight to a computer and saved like any other file.  This can be useful if you are not merging your WhitMail with a Gmail account.  Consult Google help documents for assistance in downloading multiple files.
  3. Download Important CLEo Files: Many individuals, especially faculty, may have important files stored on CLEo.  You can download these onto a computer just like any other file.           



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