Use the links below to access Whitman College Knowledge Base articles on topics related to online instruction.

Videoconferencing - For holding real time (synchronous) instruction and office hours

Using Google Meet or Zoom for Videoconferencing

Screencasting - Making a video of your computer screen 

Recording your Screen for Online Instruction

Adding accessibility to your online instruction videos and lectures

Video transcription, closed captions, and subtitles

Storing documents and videos related to online instruction

Whitman College Guidelines on Cloud Storage

Updating Windows (Dell) computers - must be done by the user when working off-campus

Manually update Windows computers

Information on setting up your work from home office station

Whitman College Work From Home Info

If you have further questions about working with online instruction tools or software, please contact us!

Whitman College Technology Services Help Desk Page:

Additional resources can be found at the Whitman College Coronavirus FAQs page 

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