No Wireless Connection

If you cannot get any kind of wireless connection, make sure your WiFi is on by going into System Preferences then Network and selecting Turn WiFi On.  If whitman_wireless is not in your preferred networks, you will have to manually select it from the list of available networks.

Slow Wireless Connection

If you can connect to the Wireless network but your connection is particularly slow, try turning off your WiFi and turning it back on again.  Note that if you are attempting to access the Wireless in a high traffic area (such as the Library during peak hours) your connection will be slower than in other areas or at less high-usage times.  

WiFi appears connected, but you cannot get a Wireless connection 

If your WiFi appears connected but you still cannot get internet access, try emptying your browser's cache.  Cached web pages might cause such an error.

 This type of error may also occur if your cimputer is using a self-assigned IP address.  To fix this, go to System Preferences > Network > WiFi > Advanced > TCP/IP and select Renew DHCP Lease.  Your WiFi should now connect.