Moving allows images, text, etc, to be rearranged in or between documents. Snapping allows the moving functionality to be used with precision when images or text require precise alignment.



  • In the layer palette, select the layer you need to move (1).
  • Using the Move Tool, (2) click and drag the selected layer to its desired location on the screen.
  • If necessary, you can also use the arrow keys on the keyboard in order to nudge the layer a more defined location.


  • Snapping allows Photoshop to guide layers, images, or text into a defined place.
  • Under the View dropdown menu, turn snapping on or off by clicking on  Snap. A checkmark next to it indicates whether or not it is on.
  • Move the layer around; snapping creates a magnetic effect that draws the layer, image, text, etc, to a location defined by Photoshop. This may allow you to center images, bring images next to each other (without one covering the other), or move layers to the edge of the document.
  • Snapping can be used very effectively in conjunction with grids and guides.