Whitman has partnered with Duo Security to enable an additional layer of security when logging in to various Whitman-manage services.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is the process of identifying users by validating two or more “factors,” or characteristics that are unique to that user.

Three different characteristics are often used as factors in the authentication process:

    1. something you know  (a password)
    2. something you have  (a smartphone or a token)
    3. something you are  (a fingerprint or face scan)

Using more than one factor greatly decreases the likelihood that an unauthorized user can gain access to your account – even if someone happens to get your password, it is unlikely they will also have your phone or fingerprint.

The college is offering (sometimes requiring) MFA for employee accounts – pilot groups are coming online during the 2019-2020 academic year.

The WCTS Help Desk or the Information Security Office can answer any questions you may have.

Current List of Protected Services:

Once your account has been enrolled in the program, the following services will ask for a second factor:

  1. MyWhitman **
  2. Whitmail (Google Mail) **
  3. Canvas **
  4. CLEo **
  5. Web Help Desk **
  6. PathwaysU **
  7. TerraDotta **
  8. Presence **
  9. PeopleAdmin/SimpleHire **
  10. Business-Secure terminal server
  11. Millennium terminal server
  12. Blackboard terminal server
  13. various IT-related servers and applications (system administration roles)

** web-based services allow you to 'remember' a device for 12 hours by selecting the option during verification

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