UPDATE 2021-22: All student printing will be done through the WCTS Print Shop. Submission of print requests can be done by going to my.whitman.edu/students and clicking on the Student Printing Request link. This is a complimentary service for students.

Print requests can be submitted by students by logging into my.whitman.edu/students and clicking on the "General Student Print Request" link.

Print jobs may take up to 1 hour to complete before they are available for pick up. An email will be sent to notify of job completion.

Print pick-up will be in Penrose Library on the main floor in the back right corner just past the elevator. The Print Shop will be open the same hours as Penrose Library.

Information below this message is outdated and will be removed:

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NetZCore FAQ

NetZCore setup: Windows

NetZCore setup: Mac

NetZCore usage guide

NetZCore Brochure.pdf

NetZCore FAQ

NetZCore is a centralized printer management system that allows for printing to many printers found throughout campus.

How do I use NetZCore?

If you are printing from a general access computer (computer labs, Library etc.) to a general access printer see our NetZCore Printing Guide.

If you are printing from your own computer to a general access printer, you will need to first go through our NetZCore Printer Setup Instructions, then proceed to the above Printing Guide.

All print jobs must be released from NetZCore via a Print Release Station before they will print.  Log into a Print Release Station near the printer you want to use and verify and release* your print job.  *Make sure to double-check the document name, number of pages, and the printer it's being released to before selecting 'Pay & Print'.

How much can I print?

Each semester students are given $10 of free printing for the color printer. No funds are required for black and white printing, at this time.

Seniors producing a thesis may request an additional $15 on their account free-of-charge by emailing goprint@whitman.edu and indicating their major and thesis advisor.

How much does NetZCore charge?

Black and white printing is at no charge. Color printing is 50 cents per page/side.

Can I print beyond my $10 credit?

Yes. To print beyond your free printing credit, see our instructions for Requesting Additional Printing Credit. And to check your current usage, check your NetZCore Dashboard

Can I use NetZCore for personal printing?

Yes. The free printing credit (and any credit you add) may be used to print for classes and incidental personal use. 

If you need to print for a student organization or as a teaching/research assistant, this can usually be achieved by setting up a secondary printing account that gets charged to the appropriate budget number. Please contact goprint@whitman.edu for more information. 

I lost my print job due to a printer problem, can I get my money back?

Yes. If your prints don't turn out due to a technical problem with the printer (no ink, paper, etc.), you can go to the NetZCore Dashboard to request printing credits refunded in your account.


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Connecting to NetZCore with Windows

Note Before you attempt to add a printer, make sure that you are connected to the on-campus Whitman network, either via ethernet or wirelessly (whitman_secure).

Standard NetZCore Connection

  1. Press the Windows key and 
  2. In the search field enter \\goprint.whitman.edu or \\ and press ENTER
  3. Locate Library2ndFloor and Library_2nd_Color in the list
  4. Double Click on both of those printers
    • If a message pops up warning you that the printer will install a driver on your computer, select Install Driver (Note: If you receive an error message at this point, see below)
  5. Give permission to continue
  6. You should now be connected to the printers.

NOTE: Installing Library2ndFloor and Library_2nd_Color allows for you to print to any general access printer on campus.

When you are connected to the Whitman Wireless Network (whitman_secure), you can print to the installed printer by selecting  File ->  Print  and choosing the printer from the list provided. 

You may also set the printer to be your default printer by going to  Control Panel ->  Printer, then  right clicking on that printer and selecting  Set as Default Printer

If the standard connection method doesn't work, the next step would be to try the alternative, direct-connection method.

Direct-Connection Method

If the previous method doesn't work, this is an alternative way of connecting to a NetZCore printer. Note that you must already have the proper printer driver downloaded and installed for this method to work.

Before you begin, find the name and model of the printer you would like to install by logging into NetZCore and finding the printer in the Printer Directory tab (which located in the top menu bar of NetZCore).

  1. Right-click the START button and select CONTROL PANEL.  Next, choose Devices and Printers
  2. Choose Add a Printer (top of window)
  3. Select Add a local printer
  4. Select Create a new port and Choose Local Port from drop down menu
  5. Choose Next
  6. For the port name, enter the following with: \\goprint.whitman.eduName_of_printer   (see https://goprint.whitman.edu:7773/action/user/UserPrinterDirectoryAction for printer names)
  7. Find the Manufacturer and Printer Model and choose the PCL 6 version of the driver.
    • If you do not see your printer model, select Windows Update to download an updated set of drivers from Microsoft.
    • You can also find and download the drivers you need from HP's website. In this case, once the drivers are downloaded and extracted, choose Have Disk to point the wizard at said drivers.
  8. Type your printer name and choose Next
  9. Wait until Windows finishes installing your printer.
  10. Right-click on the newly installed printer and choose PRINTER PROPERTIES
  11. Choose the ......
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Connect to NetZCore with Mac

Setup a Profile

Your Mac login profile name MUST match your Whitman user ID to be able to print

  1. Go to System Preferences > Users & Groups
  2. Unlock the padlock in the lower-left corner (if present)
  3. Click on the +
  4. Set the fields as follows:
    1. New Account: Administrator
    2. Full Name: Your name or anything you want here
    3. Account Name: This must be the same as your Whitman username
    4. Password: Create a password for this account
    5. Verify: Retype the password you created
    6. Click CREATE USER
  5. Log into this Profile, going forward, for printing on campus. See the next section for installing printers.

Installing NetZCore printers

Note: Before you attempt to add a printer, make sure that you are connected to the on-campus Whitman network, either via ethernet or wirelessly (Whitman_Secure).

  1. From the Finder menu, choose GO > Connect to Server...
  2. Type smb://goprint
  3. Click Connect
  4. Select Registered User and enter your Whitman username and password into the fields
  5. Select GoPrint_Installers and click OK
  6. Select the Mac folder
  7. Drag and drop the 'Install Library Printers.pkg' to your desktop
  8. From your desktop, double click and run the 'Install Library Printers.pkg 
  9. Click Continue and then Install
  10. Enter your computer's password when prompted
  11. Click Finish

You will now have Library_2nd_1 and Library_2nd_Color installed. These two printers will allow you to print to any general use printer on campus.

Alternative Printer setup

  1. Open System Preferences 
  2. Open Printers & Scanners 
  3. Click the small plus sign [+] to add a printer  
  4. Click on IP in the toolbar of the new window that opens
  5. Make sure the following settings are correct on that window: 
    • Protocol is set to Line Printer Daemon - LPD 
    • In the Address field enter goprint.whitman.edu 
    • In the Queue field enter the printer name (e.g. Library_2nd_1). A list of available printers can be found at https://goprint.whitman.edu:7773. Enter your Whitman username and password to log in
    • In the Name field, delete 'goprint.whitman.edu' and instead enter the name of the printer (e.g. Library_2nd_1)
    • In the Location field you may enter the location of the printer (e.g. Library 2nd Floor) 
    • Under Use, choose Generic PCL Printer 
      • Note: For the color printer (Library_2nd_Color) choose Select Printer Software..., then select the appropriate driver. (e.g. HP Color Laserjet M750). You may need to download the driver from hp.com
    • Your screen should look similar to the one below:
  6. Click Add 
  7. On the Installable Options page, check the box for Duplex Unit
  8. Click OK

The printer should now appear under the list of available printers.

You will be able to print to this printer anytime you are connected to the Whitman network from anywhere on campus. Log on to a Print Release Station using your Whitman username and password.

You may also set that printer to be your default printer by selecting it from the drop-down menu on the Print & Fax page in System Preferences

Note: If you are printing more than one page, please follow these instructions for double-sided printing.  Note that double-sided printing is NOT set as default on the Macs on campus. You must set doublesided printing every time you print from a Mac. 


Printing & Releasing a Print Job from the NetZCore Print Release Stations

  1. Print as you normally would (usually File > Print, depending on the program you're using)
  2. Locate a Print Release Station near the printer you would like to print to
  3. Log in using your standard Whitman network username and password, and you will see the following window:

    • To confirm your print jobs:
      • Click the job(s) you wish to print. They will highlight in blue when selected.
      • Click the Continue button
      • Click the Pay and print button
    • To remove a print job from your queue and not have it be printed:
      • Click the job(s) you wish to cancel.
      • Click the Discard button.

If you have trouble with a print job, contact a student lab consultant or the WCTS Help Desk at ext. 4976 or at helpdesk@whitman.edu

Requesting Additional Printing Credit

If you have used more than 90% of your free $50 of printing, you can request to start charging additional prints to your student account. (Please note this request may take up to one business day to process)

  1.  To make the request, look for the red bar at the top of the NetZCore Homepage.

    There is a link to the NetZCore Dashboard on the right end of this bar. Click on this link and follow the on-screen instructions given.

  2. After the request has been approved, you will need to click  on the NetZCore Homepage to select the "Charged to Student Account" purse. You may then release your print job and it will be charged to your student account.
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