While on-campus, there are a variety of other methods for accessing network storage that tend to be more convenient than SFTP once they're set up. Below are instructions for setting up this kind of access specific to your operating system.

Connecting to a network drive in Windows

  1. On your keyboard press Windows key + R
  2. In the box, type the following: 


    • server-name is the name of the server.
    • folder-name is the name of the folder you want.
    • e.g. winfiles\offices
  3. Provide your login credentials (username and password) when prompted and click the OK button. 
    • Underneath the username and password boxes, make sure that the domain shows up as WHITMAN. 
    • If the domain does not show up as WHITMAN, in the "User name" box, type WHITMAN\username where username is your network username.

Mac OS X

  1. To connect Mac OS X to a windows file server, go to the Go menu, and select ' Connect to Server...'. In the resulting window, type the following in the topmost text box:

    smb:// server-name.whitman.edu 

    (replacing server-name with the appropriate name)

  2. If you wish, click the " +" button to the right of the box. This will add the server to your "Favorite Servers" list for more frequent use.

  3. Click the Connect button at the bottom of the window.

  4. After clicking Connect you will be prompted for your username and password.

  5. You will be prompted to 'Select the volumes you wish to mount'. Select the folder you want to connect to.


Using Google Drive or Office 365 OneDrive

All faculty, staff and students have access to both Google Drive and Office 365 OneDrive cloud storage by using their Whitman email address.  Storage space is unlimited for both platforms, however access to this storage will be lost upon leaving Whitman.  Please be sure to transfer important documents to a flash drive or computer before leaving Whitman.


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