Technology Services' Information Security Office has partnered with the SANS Institute to offer materials and training to Whitman employees.

This information and training are designed to give individuals a broad understanding of the challenges that face us in both our work and home on-line interactions.

This page contains current and past newsletters designed to give quick, concise summaries and tips on specific issues each month.

(each link will open a PDF for your use)

June 2019 -    Dark Web

May 2019 -    A Career in Cybersecurity 

April 2019 -    Making Passwords Simple

March 2019 -   Disposing of Your Mobile Device

February 2019 -  Personalized Scams

January 2019 - Search Yourself Online

December 2018 - Yes, You Are a Target

November 2018 - Am I Hacked?

October 2018 - Email Oops, and How to Avoid Them

September 2018 - CEO Fraud/Business Email Compromise

August 2018 - Smart Home Devices

July 2018 - Phone Call Attacks & Scams

June 2018 - Malware

May 2018 - What is GDPR?

April 2018 - Phishing

March 2018 - Securely Using Social Media

February 2018 - Securing Mobile Devices

January 2018 - Creating a Cyber Secure Home

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