When ending your time in the classroom, please do the following:

  • If you were recording audio or video, stop that recording now.

  • Log out of the classroom computer OR disconnect your laptop.

  • IMPORTANT: If you’re disconnecting your laptop, be sure to plug the blue USB cable back into the blue marked port on the classroom computer, like this:  

(Shown here is a Dell, your classroom computer may be a Mac)

  • Turn OFF any of the following you may have used (unless you know they will be used by the next class) :

    • Projector    (via touch screen panel or wall mounted control)

    • PTZ camera    (via touch screen panel

  • Leave ON: all other room technology, including the Meeting OWL and classroom computer (if present). This will allow WCTS to perform overnight updates to equipment.

  • Wipe down equipment and surfaces with the provided cleaning supplies, and in accordance with posted signage in the classroom.
    If your classroom includes cleaning spray, do not spray liquid directly onto the touchscreen control panel, spray onto cleaning cloth instead.  NOTE ABOUT LAPEL MICS:  Some classrooms have mics (or you may have checked one out from WCTS).  Unfortunately, due to the delicate nature of these mics, they cannot be sanitized with the tools/supplies we have.  To use it as safely as possible, avoid touching the top of the mic, and just touch the clip.  Also wash your hands before and after using, don't touch your face, and follow other anti-Covid protocols.

  • Take any personal belongings you may have brought along with you.

  • Close the door on your way out (unless you have a specific reason to not do this.)  You are helping with the safety and sanitization of the classroom by securing the room.  Note: in some cases the door needs to be locked as well.  If this affects you, you will be notified.  If in doubt, contact the building’s Covid Captain.

  • Turn ON your wifi again if you were using your laptop.

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