This list will help you make sure you have key elements ready to go before class even starts.

  • Remember that access to classrooms is highly scheduled/controlled.  Consult with your building admin, the Registrar, or the building Covid Captain if you have questions about accessing a particular space.
  • Show up at least 10-15 minutes (or as early as possible) before class starts. Expect the unexpected.
  • Bring a back-up of any digital content you are presenting, either on a USB thumb drive, or save a copy in your Google drive or other cloud storage.
  • Consider bringing a paper copy of any presentation notes you have prepared.
  • Clean:  Follow posted signage about cleaning the classroom.  If your classroom includes cleaning spray, do not spray liquid directly onto the touchscreen control panel, spray onto cleaning cloth instead.  NOTE ABOUT LAPEL MICS:  Some classrooms have mics (or you may have checked one out from WCTS).  Unfortunately, due to the delicate nature of these mics, they cannot be sanitized with the tools/supplies we have.  To use it as safely as possible, avoid touching the top of the mic, and just touch the clip.  Also wash your hands before and after using, don't touch your face, and follow other anti-Covid protocols.
  • Log on to the classroom computer OR connect up your laptop, and log into it.
  • Turn OFF the Wifi connection on your laptop - the classroom USB cable connection gives you a wired network connection which is more stable than a Wifi connection. You can turn your wifi back on again after your class.
  • Turn ON the projector or wall display, if sharing visual content (instructions below)

Also watch out for these hazards before class starts and through out your time in the classroom:

  • Watch out for cords, cables, and equipment, including the cameras in the room.  Though we’ve worked to secure cabling, please nonetheless watch for tripping hazards.

  • Please do not move this equipment.  If something is in your way, please contact us for help.

If you are teaching your class completely in-person, stop here-- you're done.  Otherwise continue with this:

  • Using a laptop?  Make sure to follow the laptop connection instructions here.

  • FIRST TIME USE:  Is a Mac the computer that is installed in your classroom?  If so, once you log on, go to the Applications folder and launch "DisplayLink Manager."  Up in the menu bar near the clock you'll see an icon that is two interlinked squares.  Click on this, and check "Launch app automatically after logging-in."  Close this box.  You won't need to repeat any of these steps next time you use this computer.

  • Acer secondary monitor: If you plan to use it, make sure you have it setup.

  • Log on to Zoom (or other video conferencing app).  You don’t need to start your meeting yet, just get the app up and running, and:

    • Latest version? Check that you are running the latest version of Zoom (Click your profile picture then click Check for Updates.)

  • Prepare your content for sharing with your class

    • Open documents/windows that you’ll use, do not minimize them.

    • Open Powerpoint documents if needed.  Do not launch the presentation until it’s time.Open any audio or video clips you need, and start playing it and then pause the clip just before the section you want to share.

      Learn more about preparing content for sharing with your class in details.

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