At any point, it’s possible that your hard drive will fail or some other technological disaster could strike. Make sure that you’re backing up your data on a regular basis in order to mitigate that risk. There are many solutions for data backup – here are a few suggestions that you can take advantage of today.


First, ask yourself – “What do I need to backup”? This will almost always be data files – programs and operating systems can be reinstalled and typically don’t require backup. At Whitman, we recommend that you don’t store sensitive or critical files on your local drive. Most offices have secured files and folders located on the S: Drive.


To backup files that do not contain sensitive data (such as social security numbers), you can take advantage of cloud storage such as Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive.


External hard drives are also a valid option. The Help Desk can assist you in creating a scheduled backup to an external drive.


Understand that any of the above single methods could fail. WCTS recommends that you take advantage of multiple methods of backing up your files.


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