All Whitman account holders can access the service that enables secure document sharing.  Please be respectful of this shared resource.  It is intended for the sole purpose of exchanging files that:  1) directly support the academic or admistrative mission of the college; and 2) may contain sensitive or private information that should be processed via email.

Log in at:  – Whitman account holders use the SSO Login option.

Note:  Files transferred through this system are protected both on the server and in-transit.  Files are securely removed from the system according to the displayed expiration dates.  There is no way to recover expired files.

Step-by-step guide

To send a file:

  1. enter your recipient
  2. create a subject for your message
  3. configure message (and attachment) options:
    1. you can change the defaults to meet your use case
  4. attach files by dragging or the Add Files... button
  5. verify your files are attached
  6. hit Send

You will receive a notification from the ShareFile service when your files are downloaded.

To request a file:

  1. click the File Requests button from the top navigation bar
  2. in the File Requests screen click New File Request
  3. enter your recipient
  4. create a subject for your message
  5. type a message to your recipient
  6. decide if you want a copy of your message
  7. set expiration date for the request
  8. click Request File

You will receive a notification from the ShareFile service when files are uploaded.

In addition to the "request a file process" above, your account has a persistent FileDrop link that allows you to publish a web site, include in your email signature, or distribute however you choose.  This link can be found under the upper-right gear icon > Account Settings > Personal Filedrop when you are logged in to your account.

If your department or workgroup would like a persistent, shared upload location, please contact the Information Security Office at

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