If you're receiving calendar invitations where the time in the subject line doesn't match the actual invite (off by 7-8 hours), your calendar may have been set up prior a setting change on Whitman's Apps for Education domain account.


  1. Navigate to your Google Calendar page at
  2. Find your default calendar under My Calendars. Your default calendar is typically your name.
  3. Click the triangle menu to the right of you calendar, then click Calendar Settings.
    Step 3 - Calendar Settings
  4. Find the timezone section of your Calendar Details. Click "Set my time zone" link.
    (Note: although it says it is using your current time zone, it may not be.)
  5. Confirm that the time zone is set to Pacific Time, then click the Save button at the top.
    (Note: Pacific Time can show GMT-7:00 or GMT-8:00, depending on Daylight Savings Time)

Once this has been completed, future calendar invites should reflect your current time zone. If they continue to show a time 7-8 hours later than the intended appointment, please contact the Help Desk.