Who May Request Support for Streaming Services?

Any Faculty, Staff, or Student may request support for streaming an event on campus.

What You Need To Do

Streaming takes a lot of planning and coordination, so we require that you request this service at least two (2) weeks before your event. To make a request, please fill out our request form.  Once received, we will reach out in regards to the details needed to schedule the stream. 

Available Streaming Locations:

  • Olin Auditorium (Olin 138)
  • Maxey Auditorium (Maxey W33)
  • Chism Auditorium 
  • Reid Ballroom - only If the other streaming locations are unavailable

What We Provide

Vimeo Livestream

This is the best option if you're hosting an event on campus and would like the content to be available to either the broader Whitman community and/or outside the Whitman Community.

Zoom Webinar*

    • Whitman has three Webinar licenses that are available on a first come first served basis.

    • Can be simulcast to Youtube

    • Single camera solution
    • screen sharing, whiteboard, chat features, and a dedicated Q&A section

    • A three-tiered virtual event held on the Zoom platform wherein one person is the host, a set of panelists are presenters, and all other participants (attendees) are mostly passively witnessing the event. PollingQ&A and chat can be used to solicit attendee responses. Webinar participants/attendees cannot share their video or be seen in Gallery view.  The host can, however, prompt individual attendees to unmute their microphone and thereby grant them access to be heard during the event (usually to ask a question).  Breakout rooms are NOT available in Zoom webinars. Webinars have a maximum attendance of 1000 participants.

Note:  Zoom Webinar is a different product than Zoom Meetings.  We do not support Zoom Meetings for streaming events.  Learn more about the difference between Zoom Webinars and Zoom Meetings here.

For both Vimeo Livestream and Zoom Webinars:

  • Event venue "house audio" which should provide clear audio for attendees.
  • With a signed recording permission form, we can save the recording (good for two weeks) and can arrange to have archived with the Penrose Library.

How Much Does it Cost?

Please see our "Cost/fees for services and equipment" information.