Changing shots between cameras is accomplished in Zoom (or a different video conferencing application-- a similar procedure will apply in other conferencing applications).

Step 1: Check the cameras.  Are they on?

If they're not, Zoom won't see them.

Step 2: Choose your desired camera inside of Zoom

In Zoom, to switch cameras in Zoom during a session, click on the circumflex next to the camera icon in the lower left portion of the meeting controls toolbar. This brings up a pop up menu:

Your actual menu may vary slightly than the one pictured here.

In the resulting menu, under Select a Camera, select the camera you want to switch to. 

Want a faster, easier way to switch cameras in Zoom? 

Press the following keyboard shortcut:
    • Windows:     Alt + N
    •  Mac:      Command(⌘)+Shift+N
Note: You may need to press this key combination more than once to get to the camera you want to use.

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