We will continue to update and add new tutorials and tips as we are able.  Thanks for your patience!

In response to the changing needs for teaching and learning in Whitman's classrooms, we have significantly upgraded the technology in all smart classrooms in use for Spring 2021.  Some technology in the classrooms is brand new.  Other technology will seem familiar, but may have new ways you access it. 

This page provides Whitman faculty members with resources for learning how to use smart classrooms and for getting help.

Your teaching methodology: technology usage in 4 scenarios

In-person: all students are physically in the classroom with you

Hyflex: in real-time, some of your students are online, some of them are in-person in class with you

Online, asynchronous:  create content for your students to engage with later online (i.e. not "live").  Only you are in your classroom

Online, synchronous:  your class is done live, and completely online.  Only you are in your classroom

Quick links to specific technologies:

* Most rooms have projectors, not wall-mounted monitors
** General settings.  Audio and video settings for Zoom are included in the instructions for specific equipment as needed

Quick links to tips and checklists

What is all this technology for, anyway?

Need Help?

Here's how to get it.