Whitman College has transitioned to a new version of Colleague. The prior version was ran exclusively on Internet Explorer, and the new version runs best on Google Chrome. This document helps explain differences you may encounter between the prior and new versions of Colleague.

Q:  Is connecting to the new Colleague the same as before?

A:  Colleague has a new landing page for all environments (LIVE and TEST) at https://colleague.whitman.edu, and you should no longer use Internet Explorer to access it. For most users, you'll be using the "Colleague LIVE" link on the landing page. To access it, right click the link and choose "Open Link in Incognito Window"

Q:  Which internet browser should I use?

A:  While it should function on most modern browsers, Ellucian recommends using Google Chrome in an Incognito window. Visit this Google help article to learn how to use Incognito mode: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95464

Note: in the near future, we will be creating desktop shortcuts for Colleague that automatically open the landing page in Incognito mode. 

Q:  Where are my favorites/frequently used mnemonics?

A:  The Internet Explorer version stored much of your preferences on your computer, such that any time you moved to a new computer, your favorites and frequently used mnemonics were lost. The new version stores these on the server, so everything you do from here forward will follow you to any computer you use, but there is no way for us to transfer them automatically. 

We can, however, recover some of this information for you and send you a list if you do the following:

  • Go into your File Explorer (where you view K:, Documents, etc.)
  • Paste this in the path/address bar: C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Microsoft (Replace "username" with your username) 
  • Zip up the "Silverlight" folder
  • Email it to et@whitman.edu

Q:  What is different in the new version of Colleague?

A:  The overall layout of the new Colleague is much the same as the prior version, with a few differences:

Field and Process Help

These features have been moved to the Help menu on the left-hand bar:


Favorites can now be found in the left-hand bar:

To add a Form (mnemonic) or a Person record to your favorites, click the Star icon in the left-hand bar while viewing a record, then click the circled star icon (below) to favorite the Form or Person record.

Auto-Close Context/Keep Context Open

This control has moved to the Pushpin icon in the upper left:

Tip: hover over the icon to find out whether Auto-Close Context or Keep Context Open is active. Auto-Close Context is the default behavior, and the best choice for most users.

Record Delete

For those with the Record Delete permission, that function has moved to the gear menu  in the upper-right. 


Preferences have moved to the gear menu  in the upper-right. 

Record Paging Controls

Many screens in Colleague have form elements that have extra fields that can't be seem without paging through records. In the older version of Colleague, the paging control would appear right above the records once you clicked on the field. In the new Colleague, the pager is always in the same place at the top of the form box, right below the name of the mnemonic. You still need to click into the field to activate the pager as before.