You may find that when you have set up and begun your videoconferencing session, using Google Meet or Zoom, that you don't hear sound coming from your headphones or speakers, or that your mic isn't working. There can be many reasons for this, and we'll explore a few on this page.

Auto-muting (I joined the meeting and no one can hear me)

After the first 5 people have joined a Google Meet videoconference, any additional participants are automatically muted when they join the session.  You may need to unmute your mic in the Google Meet window.

Selecting and testing your microphone and speaker settings

Your computer likely has more than one option for the microphone input and speaker output you can use during a videoconferencing session. Selecting the proper mic and speaker settings can help you hear and be heard.

When using Google Meet, you can change the audio and video settings prior-to and during a meeting.

  • Before starting a meeting, go to thenclick Settings Settingsand thenGeneral.
  • During a meeting, click the kebab menu and select audio from settings:  Moreand thenSettings Settingsand thenAudio.
  • Select whether you want to change microphone or speaker settings 
    • You can select the default microphone setting for your computer, or select other available microphones.
      • Next to the microphone icon there are three dots.  If you see these moving, your computer is detecting input from your microphone.
    • You can select the default speaker setting for your computer, or select other available speakers.
      • Click "Test" next to the speaker icon: if your speaker is working, you should be able to hear a tone. 
  • After adjusting the settings, click Done.

Restart your session or restart your browser

You may find exiting and restarting your videoconference session clears up audio and mic issues.  If doing that doesn't fix the issues, restarting your web browser may do the trick.

Use your phone for audio during a videoconference

If your computer, laptop, or tablet audio isn't working well, you can use your mobile phone or landline telephone for the audio portion of the conference.

In Google Meet

  • click the kebab menu More, and select "Use a phone for audio." 
  • In the window that pops up, enter the number of the phone you want to use, answer your phone, and enter "1" when prompted. 
  • At the bottom of the conference window, you should now see "Phone Connected". 
  • If you lose connection during the meeting, click "Reconnect" at the bottom of the page. 
  • If you close the Google Meet window on your computer or tablet, your audio connection via your phone will continue. That is, you'll still be able to hear the meeting, even if the window closes. If you rejoin the meeting, your audio phone connection will show as another participant in the meeting.

Updating your browser and applications

Some audio issues are related to necessary updates to the web browser or to the videoconferencing applications you are using. Use the following links for updating your web browser: 


  • In the upper left of your window, click on "Chrome", then select "About Google Chrome".  The Chrome browser will automatically check for updates. 
  • If updates are available, follow the steps provided by the update assistant to update your browser.

You may also need to update your headset or camera to the latest firmware for the device to function with videoconferencing software. See your manufacturer's website for firmware update information.

Contact Whitman College Technology Services Help Desk 

If you have tried troubleshooting your audio issues, and still need assistance, please contact the Technology Services Help Desk

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  1. If you accidentally close out your Google Meet window while using the Phone for audio feature.  You will not loose your audio connection. This happened by accident once. FYI

    1. Good to know!  Thanks, I'll edit in light of this info. Thanks!

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