FileZilla is a powerful FTP-client you can use to connect to your server account. It is equipped for SFTP ( Secure FileTransfer Protocol), the safest way to upload to and download files from your server account.


  • Open FileZilla by double-clicking the FileZilla icon on the desktop.
  • Select 'Site Manager' from the File menu.
  • Click the 'New Site' button and enter a name for the server to which you will connect. (i.e., or
  • In the Host: text box, type your server address. Then select "SFTP using SSH2" from the Servertype: drop down menu. The number in the Port: box will automatically change from 21 to 22.
  • Select 'Normal' as the Logontype.
  • Type your User Name in the User: box.
  • Click the 'Connect' button at the bottom of the window. A password window will pop up.
  • You are now connected to your server via SFTP.

Navigating on the Server

  • To open a folder on the server, double-click on it in the Remote Site window.
  • To exit a folder and move back up a level, click the  located at the top of the Remote Site window.

Navigating on your Computer

  • The top half of the Local Site window shows the drives available to you on the computer, including network drives connected to that computer, floppy and zip disks, and CDs. Clicking on a drive or folder will cause its contents to show in the lower half of the Local Site window. Clicking the  next to a drive or folder will cause the folders it contains to show in the top half. Files will not be shown. In the example below, the C: drive is showing its folders in the top window and all its contents in the bottom window.
  • To contract the file "tree" in the top window, click on the  next to the drive or folder. Double-clicking a drive or folder in the top window will also cause it to expand or contract its file "tree." Double-clicking a folder in the bottom window will cause it to open.
  • As in the Remote Server window, to exit a folder and move back up a level, click the  located at the top of the lower window. You may also click on a different folder in the upper window; this will cause that folder to open in the lower window.

Transferring Files

  • Select the appropriate folders using the navigation techniques outlined above. If you are uploading a file to the server, be sure that the Remote Site window is open to the folder in which you wish to place the file. If you are downloading a file to the computer or your disk or network drive, be sure that the lower half of the local site window is open to the folder in which you wish to place the file.
  • Locate the file you wish to transfer. If necessary, navigate through the folders using the techniques outlined above.
  • Drag the file from the originating window to its final destination.
  • The window at the bottom of FileZilla will show the status of your transfer(s), including the queue if there are many of them waiting.

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