This document is generalized for using Meet to replace in-person meetings. If you are looking for instructions on how to use Meet in the classroom, please visit Using Google Meet for the classroom: a guide for faculty members.

For additional guidance on working remotely, please see Whitman College Work from Home.

Starting a meeting

In a web browser

  • Visit

    • If you are prompted to sign in, be sure to use your account

    • If you are already signed in, you can confirm the Google profile you are using in the upper-right of your screen.

  • Click “Join or start a meeting”

  • When prompted, you can either name the meeting or leave it blank. Click Continue

  • At the next screen, click Join Meeting

  • The next screen will pop up an “Add others” window. You can either:

    • Click “Copy joining info” and paste this info into an email or Canvas announcement OR

    • Click “Add people” to search for participants and sent them a meeting invite

  • Note: anyone with the link can join the meeting. If they are not signed in to Google, they will be asked to provide a name, and you will be prompted to admit them to the meeting.

Via Google Calendar

  • Visit and begin scheduling your appointment, providing the appropriate meeting details, including attendees.

  • Click on “Add rooms, location, or conferencing”

  • Click “Add conferencing” - a meeting will be automatically generated.

  • Click Save, then click Send at the following prompt to email the invite to guests.

  • Note: once scheduled, you can click on the appointment to find the link to join your Meet meeting. You can also copy the link from the appointment to share with additional participants.

Features and Considerations

Joining by phone for audio

You or a participant may have difficulty with your audio connection. In this case, one can join via phone for audio. Be sure to mute your speakers as leaving them enabled may cause feedback. Please see Google’s instructions for more details:

Chat feature in Google Meet

The chat feature allows participants to message one another and share links to Google Drive files or folders. The chat icon is in the upper-right corner of the screen once the meeting has begun.

Sharing your screen

You can choose to share your entire screen or a specific window. Once you’ve joined a meeting:

  • In the bottom right corner, click Present now

  • A box will pop up with the options to present either your entire screen or a specific window on your computer.

  • To stop presenting:

    • If you can see it on your screen, click Stop presenting

    • If you cannot see the Stop presenting button, you can click the You are presenting button in the bottom right corner to get a Stop presenting button

  • Note: if you cannot see what you are presenting, you can find what you’re sharing in the Participant list. 

Recording Meet meetings

To record a Meet meeting:

  • Start your meeting
  • Click the three-dot menu in the bottom right corner of your screen
  • Click "Record meeting"
  • You'll received a notice about needing to disclose the fact that you're recording the meeting to all participants, including those joining late. Click Accept
  • Once the recording has finished, you'll receive an email with a link to the recording which has been stored in your Google Drive folder.

(Virtual) meeting management

You’ll need to consider how to manage who gets to speak, which can be particularly challenging in a video or phone conference setting. If you find a method that works well for you, please consider sharing it with us at so we can share the technique with others as we are all actively learning.

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