It’s not done like was done pre-Covid.

If you have not done this yet:

Download and install the DisplayLink App (for Mac) (for Windows) on your laptop and run it at least once on your laptop before using it in any classroom.  You only need to do this download and install process once, not every time you go to a classroom.

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If your classroom has a touch screen control panel: 

  1. Press the touchscreen control panel to wake up the screen and show the control buttons (touchscreen displays the Whitman College clocktower when asleep).

    TIP:  The tip of your finger, where the flesh meets the fingernail, works best when pressing the touchscreen control panel.
  2. Press:

    • “Projector Power”

    • “Projector ON”

    • “Return to Main Screen” 

The projector can take up to a minute to warm up.

Changed from “how it used to be” pre-Covid: There is no longer a need to select a video source on the touchscreen.  The video source for the projector is now automatically set to accept a signal from the computer that is connected to the USB cable (either the classroom computer, or your laptop).  

If your classroom has a wall-mounted projector control switch (when there is no touchscreen available):

Press the ON button in the top left of the control switch


  • The projector can take up to a minute to warm up.

  • The video source (classroom computer, laptop, etc) is automatically selected, so there’s no need for you to manually select the source.

  • The oval button in the center of the control switch (AV Blank) can be used to toggle between revealing and hiding the projected image - without turning the projector off.

  • The OFF button is in the upper right corner of the switch.

Once the projector is up and running

You may need to make sure the monitors of the computer you are using are properly set up to show what you want to show on the projector! 

If what you are projecting includes audio (e.g. showing videos, playing sound clips, etc)



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