Whitman College provides a VPN server for administrative staff that allows you to securely connect to our internal network over the internet. This would allow you to potentially gain access to services such as Datatel or Millennium while off campus.

*Note* A VPN connection to Whitman College will not work in all locations. Some hotels, wireless hot spots and some Internet Service Providers use older firewalls, routers and wireless access points the do *NOT* support the required "Cisco IP/VPN passthrough (IPSec/L2TP)" and so the VPN connection to Whitman College will fail.

You need to contact Kevin Kelly ( to request a VPN account.

Install the MacOS VPN Client

There are two ways to locate and install the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client

  1. From Website:
    1. Open a browser and navigate to
    2. Login with your Whitman username and VPN password
    3. Click 'Download for MacOS'
    4. Locate the download, double-click, and follow the prompts to install
  2. From Self Service:
    1. Hold down the Command key and press the Space bar
    2. Type 'Self Service' and hit Enter
    3. On the left menu, choose 'Security'
    4. Click Install under AnyConnect VPN

Connect your computer to the VPN

  1. Open the the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client
  2. Type: in the blank box and then click Connect
  3. Type in your Whitman username and your VPN password
  4. Click OK

Verifying your VPN IP address

You can use your web browser to open the following web page:

Display my IP addresses

The web page will display both your "On-Campus IP address" and your "Off-Campus IP Address". Your "On-Campus IP Address" should be 10.20.2.xx where "xx" and a number from 1 to 253.

Disconnecting from the VPN

Locate the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client window and click Disconnect.


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