Who May Use The Equipment

Any Faculty member, Staff member, or Student may request the use of our equipment for academic or administrative purposes.

What We Provide

Video conferencing equipment may be used for free during normal business hours.  If you require a technician to stay, there will be a fee of $25.00/hr.  Subject to the availability of staff, the equipment may also be used outside of normal hours for a fee of $45/hour (testing and setup time included).

Once we have your request, we will arrange a test with the remote site. This takes a lot of planning and coordination, which is why we require advanced notice. Before your video conference begins, we will connect to the people at the other end and make sure everything works. We will show you how to control the volume and display. Once your conference begins, we will stay for about five minutes in case you have questions. When the conference finishes, you will need to call us so we can come pick up the equipment. Do not leave the room unoccupied unless it is locked. You will be financially responsible for all equipment until we pick it up.

Video Conferencing Options

Zoom https://whitman.zoom.us/

  • requires a Zoom account - enquire via email to ims@whitman.edu

    • a free account can be set-up for use with a time limit of 45 minutes per meeting

    • a paid yearly subscription (currently $60) allows unlimited use

    • internet based audio and video

    • screen sharing, whiteboard, chat features

    • Quick video tutorials are available here:

Go To Meeting - PC/Mac 

  • equipped with conference call audio, or internet based audio
  • desktop sharing
  • keyboard/mouse sharing
  • allows multiple connections

Skype - PC/Mac  http://www.skype.com

  • requires skype account (free)
  • internet based audio/video
  • desktop sharing
  • allows up to four connections (PC only)

iChat - Mac only

  • internet based audio/video
  • desktop sharing
  • mouse and keyboard sharing
  • limited to three connections

What You Need To Do

We request that you notify us at least two (2) weeks before you want to have a video conference. To make a request, please call our office (509-527-5257). You will need to provide us with contact information for the technical support on the other end of the video conference.

Can't find what you're looking for? Email us at itknowledgebase@whitman.edu and let us know!