Note: If you haven't already done so, please activate your voicemail account.
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Connecting to Your Voicemail

From Your Phone

  1. Press your “voicemail” button: an envelope icon (hard-key) or “msgs” (soft-key)
  2. Enter your PIN, then press [#].

From Other Phones

  1. Call the voicemail system:
    • On-campus – x5788
    • Off-campus – 509.527.5788
  2. Wait the voice to pick up, then press [*]
  3. When asked for “ID” enter your extension-#, then press [#].
  4. Enter your PIN, then press [#].

Main Menu

[1] Listen to New Messages
[2] Send a Message
[3] Review Old Messages
[4] Setup Options
[0] Help

Listening to Messages

Message Options

Available at the end of each message:

[1] Repeat Message[2] Save Message[3] Delete Message
[4] Reply to Message[5] Forward Message[6] Mark as New
[7] Skip to Previous Message[8] -[9] Message Properties
[*] Exit[0] Help[#] Skip to Next Message

Playback Options

Available during message playback

[1] Repeat Message[2] Save Message[3] Delete Message
[4] Slow-down Playback[5] Change Volume[6] Speed-up Playback
[7] Jump Backward 3 sec.[8] Pause Playback[9] Jump Forward 3 sec.
[*] Cancel Playback[0] Help[#] Skip to End of Message
[#][#] Skip to Next Message

Forwarding a Message

  1. Skip to the end of the message [#].
  2. Press [5].
  3. You will be prompted to enter an introduction to the greeting.  When you are done press [#].
  4. You will then be prompted to enter the name of the person you are forwarding the message to.
    1. Follow the prompt to use the keypad on the phone to spell out their name or...
    2. Press [#][#] to enter “numeric” mode and enter the extension-# to forward the message to.

Setting your Out of Office message

  1. Call your voice mail (the envelope key on some phone models, a softkey on other models)
  2. Enter your password and #
  3. Press [4] for setup options
  4. Press [1] for greetings
  5. Listen to current greeting
  6. Press [2] to turn on alternate greeting
  7. Press [1] to set end date and time
  8. Use the appropriate number of days or press [9] to enter a month and day to end your alternate  greeting
  9. Record your greeting   
  10. Press [#] when done
  11. Press [*] until you are out of the voicemail system

Set & Un-set Alternate Greetings

  1. Go to Setup Options from the main menu [4]
  2. Go to Greetings [1]
  3. Toggle normal & alternate greetings [2]

Generic "Global" Keys

These apply to almost every part of the voicemail system. 

EXIT (or go “up” a menu level) – press [*]
HELP – press [0]

Advanced Documentation

We have a full map of the Voicemail Menu Tree available, and information about the Online Call-Manager web application.