The latest version of CLEo (Sakai 12) includes a number of improvements to existing tools as well as a redesigned user interface and new Gradebook NG tool. Please contact if you have questions about using any of the features listed below. 

Navigation Enhancements

  • "Sites" button in the upper right-hand corner will display all of your current sites. 
  • You can "favorite" sites to pin them to your top navigation just like the previous version of CLEo, as well as easily reorder them.
  • "Breadcrumb" navigation shows you exactly where you are- just click a link to return to the page you're looking for.
  • Responsive design is more compatible with mobile devices and screen readers, automatically resizing to the resolution of the screen you are using. 

NEW Gradebook Tool

  • By default, the classic version of Gradebook is enabled for your site. If you would like to try the new Gradebook NG tool, please go to 

    Site Info > > Manage Tools and make sure Gradebook is checked. The old version of Gradebook and Gradebook NG can be run simultaneously.

  •   The new Gradebook tool is designed to provide faster, easier grade-entry capability, such as:

    • Spreadsheet-style grade entry
    • Automatic saving/score validation
    • Better synoptic view of grades for student and instructor to review together
    • Individual student grade Summary screens with integrated Student Review Mode
    • Simplified and consolidated Import/Export process
    • Enhanced statistics for graded items
    • Flexible display options for final course grades (letter grade, percentage, points)
    • Improved accessibility
    • Simplified setting screen

Improved Tests and Quizzes

  • Improved reporting capabilities, including the ability to see all assessment submissions for a student
  • New side panel that allows students to track question progress in an assessment
  • MathJax for rendering LaTeX and AsciiMath

  • Extended delivery of assessments for select individuals and groups. 
  • Use of tags/labels for taxonomic organization of question pools and easy discovery of relevant questions per discipline.

Improved Resources 

  • Upload-Download Resources is now labeled "Transfer Files."
  • Drag and drop file upload.
  • Highlight multiple files to upload.

Improved Assignments

  • Refactoring of Assignments tool. Makes Assignments more maintainable and easier to enhance with dynamic content.

Soft Deletion of Sites

  • Sites and resources will now go into a "recycle bin" and will be recoverable for a period of 180 days (6 months.)
  • To recover a site, use the Worksite Setup tool, select "Softly deleted sites" and choose the sites that you wish to restore. 

Can't find what you're looking for? Email us at and let us know!