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Before you begin...

The email client (the program that allows you to access email accounts) on your mobile device is very similar to the one on your computer.  Use the following information to configure your WhitMail account on your mobile device:  

** Note: Before setting up an email client you must do the following two things. ** 

  1. Change your Password: If you have not changed your Whitman password since your conversion to WhitMail, go to the online password changer and change your password.  You may "change" it to the same password it was before by simply re-entering your old password, but you must go through this process for email clients to function properly. 
  2. Enable POP/IMAP: Log into WhitMail, go to Settings in the upper right hand corner, select Forwarding and POP/IMAP and make sure Enable IMAP is checked Make sure you select Save Changes before you exit out of your settings. 

Google (Recommended)

When configuring WhitMail with an email client on your mobile device the best type of connection to use is Google. This type of connection will sync the emails and contacts on your WhitMail account to your mobile device.  Depending on what kind of mobile device you are using, you may also be able to sync your WhitMail calendar to your mobile device.

iPhone and iPad

  1. Add a new mail account, making sure to specify Google as the account type.
  2. Use the following information in the configuration process:
    • Email: your full Whitman email address
    • Password: your Whitman password
    • Description: your account's name in your email client (defaults to Gmail)
  3. Select the services (Email, Calendar and Contacts) that you would like to sync to your phone (note that if you choose to sync your contacts make sure you do not delete your existing contacts from your device in the process).
  4. Finish set-up.

Android OS

  1. Add a new mail account, making sure to specify Google as the account type.
  2. Enter your full Whitman email address and your password.
  3. You will be able to choose the services (email and contacts) to sync to your device.
  4. Finish set-up.

If these instructions do not work, please see the Google sync help page.

IMAP Connection

**WCTS recommends an a Google connection to WhitMail with mobile devices.  You should only use an IMAP connection if you cannot get a Google connection to work on your device.**
  1. Add a new mail account, making sure to specify IMAP as the account type.
  2. Use the following server settings in account set-up:
    • Incoming Server Information
      • Server:
      • Port: 993
      • Security Settings: SSL (do not use secure authentication)
      • Authentication: Whitman username and password
    • Outgoing Server Information
      • Server:
      • Port: default (usually 25)
      • Security Settings: TLS
      • Authentication: Full Whitman email ( and Password
  3. Finish account set-up.
  4. If you have any issues in account configuration, consult Gmail's IMAP support guide while using the information above.  Their page has tutorials for setting up an IMAP email connection on almost any type of mobile device.