When you sign in to Zoom using the app on your computer, your mobile device, or a web browser, you will see a whole bunch of different buttons to "Sign on using...".  Since you are most likely using a Whitman license to sign on to Zoom, please do the following:

  1. If you are currently signed in to Zoom via the app or through a web browser, please sign out first.

  2. The one you want is "Sign in with SSO," and not any of the other ones, including sign in with your email address.

  3. When prompted, enter the "company domain":  whitman.zoom.us

  4. Now sign on with your Whitman username and password.


On a computer, there's a little less clicking if you start by signing on directly through whitman.zoom.us.  Plus, from whitman.zoom.us, there are shortcut buttons to join or start a meeting!

Q:  What's "SSO?"  Why do I even need to do this, the other way of signing in works fine...

A:  "SSO" = "Single Sign-On."  It's the system that you use everyday to use your Whitman username and password that allows you to have one Whitman username and password to sign on to WhitMail, myWhitman, and other Whitman-affiliated services.  "Whitman-affiliated" are the operative words.  Whenever Whitman starts to work with a company/service like Zoom on a large scale, in other words when lots of us start to use a service, out IT security team attempts to establish an SSO arrangement with that company.  We do this for your convenience, so you don't have as many passwords to keep track of, and also because it creates one less "backdoor" for bad actors to potentially gain access to your information and Whitman's.  The latter reason is why we especially ask you to use SSO.  So while you can get some of the other sign on choices to work, we ask that you please use SSO instead.

Q:  If you want me to use SSO, why don't you just turn off or make the other sign-on options invisible?  It's confusing to see all those choices you don't want me to use.

A:  We hear you!  We don't like this either!  Unfortunately, Zoom does not allow us to disable or turn any of them off.

Have more questions?  Please contact us!