Note:  If you are not a Whitman Faculty, Staff, or student and are requesting support, please refer the services and support we have available for "external groups."

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Getting started

As the person who is planning/hosting the event, you are considered the Sponsor of the event, which means:

  • As the sponsor, you will be our point of contact for everything related to your support request.
  • You are required to be at the event, or the rate of support will be that of external events ($75/hr.), and there will be fees for the use of all IMS equipment including; microphone, laptop, projector, etc..
  • If you are unsure of what services and equipment we provide, please contact us prior to committing our support to an event
  • You are responsible to communicate with any guest speakers that presentations must be accessible through google drive or on a thumb drive. Our Auditorium spaces are equipped with PC computers and to prevent connectivity issues the use of personal laptops is not permitted. 

What you need to do

  • If you aren't doing so already, make sure you are working with Conferences and Events to schedule and arrange details for your event.
  • Make sure to submit your request for event technology support, which MUST BE SUBMITTED TO US AT LEAST 14 (FOURTEEN) DAYS BEFORE YOUR EVENT.  
  • Please feel free to contact us with questions.  There are no stupid question, and we'd love to hear from you!

Event technology services we provide

  • Set-up of equipment 30-45 minutes prior to event start time. 
    Note: some complex setups may require a minimum or additional amount of setup time, we’ll let you know in advance if this is the case.

  • Staff to operate technology: If you need a support technician to stay for the duration of your event, we can provide one person to do this. 
    Note: Limitations apply based on the complexity of the event, time frame of support request, equipment requested, and availability of technicians, for more information please contact us.

    Recording (not a live broadcast, instead people can watch it later).  IMS is not in charge of distribution of recordings, in order to access a recording you need to contact Penrose Library Archives. 

    • We’ll send the video to the Whitman College Penrose Library Archives
    • We have 2 (two) business days to process recordings and get them sent to archives 

Note:  Video recordings cannot be done without a signed Recording Permission Form, except for faculty/staff job position searches.  We must have the completed permission form 2 (two) business days before the event. If the form is filled out incorrectly or missing a signature IMS will not record the event. This form can be filled out one of two ways - 1. SignRequest Document (the only electronic method accepted) 2. Signed in ink and original form delivered to IMS.

    • Faculty/staff job position search recordings:
      • Requests for support must be a minimum of (2) two business days when the support needed occurs during Business Hours and (5) five business days if support is needed during Non Business Hours (see “Service Hours and Availability” for more on hours)
      • Candidate recordings will be made available within (2)days of the conclusion of the recording. 
      • Recording permission forms are not required to record candidate searches. 

  • Streaming your event:
    • Vimeo Livestream - this is a video stream that has no interactivity, it is only available to be watched live (i.e. viewers can not chat, ask questions, etc)
    • Zoom Webinar - this is an interactive video stream, which allows for two way communication (including chats, questions, etc).  Note that Zoom Webinar is not the same product as Zoom Meetings.  We do not support the use of Zoom Meetings in events.

Note:  Streaming services for events are not available in all campus locations.  Learn more about our Streaming Services.

  • Video/Film showings (includes DVD/Blu-Ray, online videos, streaming services)

Services we do NOT provide

  • Storage of video recordings past two weeks from the time we send you the download link.
  • Video or audio editing.
  • Distribution of recordings (for example, selling, duplication, etc).
  • More than one support technician per event.
  • Creation of Zoom Meetings.
  • Management/Facilitation of Zoom Webinar Chats and/or Q&A
  • Advancement of Powerpoint or other presentation slides.
  • Responsibility for sound cues.
  • Hunting down recording permission form(s) from speakers/performers/their agents.  The event sponsor is responsible for coordinating the prompt submission of this form(s).

Event Equipment we can provide

  • Laptop for presentation (Mac and Windows available)
  • Microphones
    • Lectern stationary mic
    • Wireless handheld mic
    • Wireless lapel mic
    • Catch Box Throwable mic for audience
  • Presentation projection/display (example: powerpoint)
  • Presentation remotes (laser pointing, advances slides)

Equipment we do NOT provide

  • Additional lighting.  We only operate what is already readily usable in your event’s venue.
  • Portable sound systems for outdoor events.  Please contact Conferences and Events for this request.

Services hours and availability


IMS is available to support events during the following times:

  • During “Business Hours”: weekdays 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • During “Non-Business Hours”: times that do not fall during Business Hours

The time of an event dictates the fee structure (see Cost/Fees section below).

Request due date:


We are only able to accommodate late requests at our discretion based on staff availability.  If we accept your late request, you will be charged a $150 late request fee on top of the other regular costs/fees.  Exceptions can be made for faculty/staff job position searches, where we need a minimum of (2)two business days when the support needed occurs during Business Hours and (5)five business days if support is needed occurs during Non Business Hours.

Costs/Fees for services and equipment

Equipment costs

FREE.  We do not charge for the use of equipment.

Services costs

All services EXCEPT streaming:

  • If your event is during Business Hours and you need us to:
    • … set up technology but not stay during the event: FREE
    • … set up technology AND stay throughout the whole event: $25/hour
  • If your event is during Non-Business Hours:
    • ... set up technology but not stay during the event: $50/hour, 1 hour minimum
    • ... set up technology AND stay throughout the whole event: $50/hour*

* You or your group will be charged a minimum of one hour for set up/takedown in addition to the run time of your event.   If your event "straddles" business hours and non-business hours, you or your group will be charged based on the separate fee schedules for the respective times.  To avoid confusion, please contact us for details.

If you want your event streamed (Vimeo Livestream or Zoom Webinar):

  • Fees are as above (non-streaming services), plus an additional $75 (business hrs) / $150 (non-business hrs) streaming flat fee.  

Trial runs/Practice Sessions (all services)

  • Trial runs/practice sessions will be charged out our hourly rates.


Haley Lowery ← Not sure who to talk to?  Start with Haley.

IMS Administrative Assistant

Email | Phone: 509-527-5257

Tristan Rupert

IMS Consultant

Email | Phone: 509-527-5417

Jon Loney

IMS Manager

Email | Phone: 509-527-4972