For Faculty and Staff:

So I have a new telephone. How do I ...?

place a call?

  • Lift handset OR Press the “New Call” softkey
  • Dial the 4-digit extension for on campus calls
  • If you are calling a non-local landline or mobile phone, dial 7 + 1 + area code + phone number.

place an emergency call?

  • Dial 9-1-1 (no prefix needed)

access call history (list of missed calls, received calls, and calls that I've placed)?

  • Press the "Directories" button on your phone, you will see missed calls, received calls, placed calls and a corporate directory.
  • Press missed, received or placed calls. You will see the last 99 calls in the category.

look up a campus phone number?

  • Press the "Directories" button on your phone. Corporate Directory is one of the choices.
  • You may choose to look up any faculty or staff member either by First Name, Last Name, or both.
  • Dial a name, into the chosen field, by pressing the corresponding number assigned to each letter.  For instance, to search for George you would dial 4,3,3,6,6,6,7,7,7,4,3,3; where 4=G and 3,3=E, etc.
  • Push the "Search" softkey to search for matches in the directory
  • Use the up & down arrows to highlight the correct listing
  • Choose the "Edit Dial" softkey to display the phone number
  • Push the "<<" softkey to remove the + sign in the phone number and then push the "Dial" softkey to place the call

put a caller on hold?

  • Press the "Hold" button or softkey.
  • To reconnect, press the same button/softkey. On multi-line phone, press the line button.

transfer a call?

  • Press the "Transfer" softkey, dial the phone number you would like to transfer to, and press "Transfer" again.

activate call-forwarding?

  • Press the "Fwd All" softkey, dial the number you want to forward to (the softkey will change to "Fwd Off").
    • If you are forwarding to a non-local landline or mobile phone, press 7 + 1 + area code + phone number.
  • If you want calls forwarded to your voice mail, press "Fwd All", then press "voicemail" button.
  • To deactivate call-forwarding, press the "Fwd Off" softkey.

set an automatic "vacation message" greeting?

  • Connect to your voicemail.
  • At the main menu, press 4 for setup options.
  • Press 1 for greetings.
  • Press 2 to turn on your alternate greeting.
  • Follow the voice prompts.
  • Exit or hang up.
  • To de-activate: repeat these instructions.

Advanced Telephone Features - including "how to choose your ring tone"