Activating Your Account

All the information you will need about how to activate a new Whitman account.  This will allow you to access your Whitman email and will provide you with the credentials (username and password) that you will need to access the Whitman network.  

Registering with Whitman

When you first connect to the Whitman network, you will need to register your device. See our Registration guide for more information. 

Credentials - Your Username & Password

Your Whitman username and password allow you to log-in to your Whitman email, the Whitman network, and many other services on campus (CLEo, email, printing, etc). See our credential page for more information.

Online Account Password Changer

Reset your password (email and network).  Login to the Whitman portal.


Whitman offers three types of wireless access. See our wireless guide for more information connecting to the WiFi network.  If you are a Whitman community member and need to register your device on the wireless network, you can submit this request via the Manual Device Registration page.

LAN (Wired Network Connection)

If you need a wired connection, Whitman offers Ethernet connections to the network. See our Registration guide for more information.

File Storage

Whitman provides file storage through Google Drive, Office 365, and winFiles (departmental). See our File storage page for more information on storing data on Whitman's servers.

Guest Accounts

If you are visiting Whitman and need access to the Internet, Whitman offers guest wireless connectivity (whitman_guest). If you are a guest for a short or long term stay, it is possible to obtain a guest account to access both the Internet and Whitman resources. See our Whitman Wireless and Guest Accounts pages for more information.