Some classrooms come equipped with document cameras.  If your classroom does not have one and you need one, please contact WCTS.

  1. If the classroom you are in has an AVer document camera like the one above, then skip the next step and proceed to step 3.

  2. If you have checked out an AVer document camera from WCTS, plug in the USB cable from the document camera into any available USB port on the computer you are using. Note that there may be USB ports located on the side of the teaching station monitors.

  3. In Zoom* (or other conferencing application, instructions are similar), select the AVer document camera as the video source in the application settings.

    1. Settings Cog (⚙) > Video > Camera drop down menu > AVer


    1. If you are already in a Zoom meeting, then select the circumflex (^) next to the camera icon in the meeting control toolbar and then select AVer doc cam


Switch Cameras using by pressing the following keyboard shortcuts, until you get to the camera view from the AVer document camera:

Windows:    Alt + N

Mac:        Command(⌘)+Shift+N


  1. Place your document or object flat on the table, underneath the flexible camera head.

  2. Adjust the flexible arm to frame the subject in the video image as shown in the Zoom app (or your preferred conferencing app).  Focusing should be automatic, but if the image is blurry, press the AF button on the head of the document camera.

  3. There are LED lights on the head of the camera to help illuminate the subject. This can be turned on and off with the LED button on the side of the camera head. 

In Zoom, share your screen so your students can see the document camera image.

 * Even if you are not using Zoom for a video conference, we still recommend you use it as a “meeting with yourself,” just to make it easier for you to show the document camera’s video on the projector or wall-mounted display.

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