• The power buttons for digital displays are located on the backside of the display, along the lower left or lower right edge of the display housing.

    The button may have a protruding nub that you can feel. A remote control may be available in some rooms. The remote can be used to power on the display, select the input source, and adjust the volume.

  • An HDMI display cable is connected to the display. Connect the loose end of this cable to the external display port on your laptop.  Display adaptors are tethered to the display cable.

  • A source selection button, located near the power button (or on a remote control) can be used to change the video source for the display. The source will be an HDMI source, press the source button until you see an image on the wall mounted display.

  • Your laptop will treat the wall-mounted display as a secondary screen.  Here's how to make sure both screens show what you want them to.

Hearing sound  

It is not necessary to connect to a Meeting OWL as a speaker when using an in room wall mounted television.  Sound will be played from the display speakers.  

But if you are using Zoom (or other video conferencing app, where it will be similar):

  1. Find and select the settings cog (⚙)  in the upper right portion of the Zoom home screen:

  2. Select “...(Meeting Owl Pro).” from the drop down menu in the Speaker section
  3. Click on the Test Speaker button.  You should hear a chime emanating from the Meeting OWL.

Uh-oh: If you do not hear the chime, or the chime is not coming from the Meeting OWL, check that the Meeting OWL is selected in both the Speaker drop down menu.

Once the wall-mounted display is up and running

You may need to make sure the monitors of the computer you are using are properly set up to show what you want to show on the wall-mounted display! 

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