In rooms that have a Meeting OWL web conferencing camera, we recommend setting it as the speaker when using the classroom computer (even if there are other speakers installed in the room-- which there may not be)-- regardless of whether you use a classroom computer, laptop, or a mobile device.  Here’s why.

IMPORTANT: If you do select a speaker other than the Meeting OWL in the classroom computer audio settings, please change the speaker setting back to the Meeting OWL before you leave.

All students are in-person? (No Zoom)


  1. On the bottom right corner of your screen in the System Tray portion of the Task Bar, click on the sound icon:
  2. Click on the carrot:
  3. Select "Meeting OWL Pro" from the resulting list.


  1. In the upper left hand corner of your screen, open the Apple menu, then System Preferences
  2. In the System Preferences screen, click "Sound"
  3. In the "Output" tab, select "Meeting Owl Pro" and then close System Preferences.

Students in-person AND online:  using Zoom

N.B.: If your students are completely online (no in-person), amplification in the physical classroom you are in is irrelevant to them.

Before starting a Zoom meeting

When usIng the Zoom conferencing application and before starting a meeting (similar process for other conferencing applications):

  1. Find and select the settings cog ()  in the upper right portion of the Zoom home screen

  2. Select Audio.

  3. In the Speaker section, select “..... (Meeting Owl Pro)” from the drop down menu. 

  4. Click on the Test Speaker button.  You should hear a chime emanating from the Meeting OWL.

If you are already in a Zoom meeting

  1. Select the circumflex (^) next to the microphone icon in the lower left corner of the Zoom window - on the meeting controls toolbar. This pops up a menu.  (If you don’t see the toolbar, try hovering the cursor/arrow on the lower edge of the zoom window - this should display the meeting controls toolbar.)

  2. Under Select a speaker, select the Meeting Owl Pro

Uh-oh ...

If you do not hear the chime, or the chime is not coming from the Meeting OWL, check that the Meeting OWL is selected in the Speaker drop down menu.

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