NOTE ABOUT SANITIZING:  Unfortunately, due to the delicate nature of this mic, it cannot be sanitized with the tools/supplies we have.  To use it as safely as possible, avoid touching the top of the mic, and just touch the clip.  Also wash your hands before and after using, don't touch your face, and follow other anti-Covid protocols.

Special note: As as starting point, we recommend only using this mic if all your students are all online (synchronously or asynchronously), it’s not necessarily technologically appropriate to use this microphone in other teaching modalities.

Some classrooms will have a Samson wireless lapel microphone.  You can also check one out from WCTS, please contact us to discuss/arrange.

How to use the Samson lapel mic

This wireless mic is a set made of three pieces:  the mic itself which is connected via cable to the transmitter...

...which then sends a wireless signal to the receiver… ...

... which is plugged into the computer (USB):

IMPORTANT note about the receiver  

If you are in a classroom that has this mic already in it, you won’t need to touch/plug-in the receiver-- it’s already plugged in and ready to go.  You can skip this “important note”.

However, if you have checked this mic out from us you will need to plug the receiver in yourself into the computer that will be doing Zoom/”broadcasting” to online students. 
When you plug in the receiver and you’re on a Windows computer, be sure you plug it into a USB 2.0 port, NOT a USBss (aka USB 3.0) port: 

Mac-- it doesn’t matter which USB port you plug it in, but you may need an adapter.  

To set up the mic for use:

  1. If you’re using a computer already at the teaching station, skip this step. 
    If you are using a laptop, ensure that you have connected your laptop to the classroom’s blue-marked USB cable.

  2. Clip the transmitter box to a belt, place it in your pocket, or carry it with you. 

    The small microphone should be clipped to your clothing about 6 inches below your lips:

    TIP: To roughly locate where you can clip the microphone, spread your thumb and pinky fingers as far apart as possible, and place your thumb just in front of your lips, lower your pinky finger to where it touches your chest.  The microphone should be placed somewhere in this area.  Remember that if you turn your head “too much” to the right, left, or upwards, your voice will move further away from the mic.  Experiment!

  3. Press the Power button - on top of the transmitter box, next to the antenna. 
    You should see an amber coloured light illuminate on both the transmitter box and the USB receiver (if you can see the receiver).  While the two units are pairing, the amber light on the USB receiver will slowly blink. Once paired, the light will stay on and stop blinking.

  4. In Zoom:

    Select “Samson RXD wireless receiver” as the microphone source in Zoom settings:  Cog ()> Audio > Microphone > drop down menu (or similar in a different video conferencing program.)

Watch for battery trouble!

If the amber light on the transmitter unit looks dim or is rapidly flickering, you may need to replace the batteries.  There are rechargeable batteries located on the teaching station, in a battery charger.  Open the front cover of the receiving box, remove the discharged AA batteries and replace them with a freshly charged set of batteries.  Place the discharged batteries in the provided battery charger.   PLEASE MAKE SURE ANY BATTERIES YOU PLACE IN THE CHARGING CRADLE ARE RECHARGEABLE - NO ALKALINE!

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