What it is

The AViPAS PTZ camera is a high quality video camera that is best suited for shooting a chalkboard/whiteboard, lecturing from a lectern, or when you want to show something with a high level of visual fidelity.  "PTZ" stands for "pan, tilt, zoom," in other words, the ways the camera can move.  Although this camera is capable of producing a higher quality video as compared to the Meeting OWL camera, it lacks a microphone and the automatic features that the Meeting OWL provides.  As such, when using the PTZ camera, it must be used along with one of the microphone options in the room (like the mic built into the Meeting OWL, or a Samson lavaliere mic)

Please do not move the PTZ camera or its tripod, but if you really do need to move them, please contact us for help.

A camera with three names

"PTZ" is the generic name for this type of camera, akin to saying a certain car is a sedan.  "Avipas" is the brand name of the camera.  When you're looking for this camera in Zoom so you can use it, in a brilliant stroke of stupidity, the camera identifies itself as "Cyt-Fx4."  Sorry that this is confusing!

What can the PTZ do?

The lens of the camera is manually controlled via a touchscreen control panel or a remote control - depending on the particular room installation.  The lens can be rotated 360 degrees, tilted up and down, and the image can be zoomed in or out.

Since the lens position and zoom can be manipulated, the PTZ camera does provide some level of freedom to move around the room.  Unfortunately, the camera does not automatically “track” or follow the person who is within the camera frame (like the Meeting OWL can).  However, different camera angles or “shots” have been custom programmed for each classroom where a PTZ camera is installed. Each room has a menu of camera shots available near or on the control for the camera. If there is a particular camera angle or shot that you would like programmed in a classroom, please let us know.

One of the ways the PTZ really shines is the high quality of the image.  For example, it's really great at showing detail, like characters, even small characters, that you write on a whiteboard/

How do I use it?

We have instructions here.

Need Help?

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