What it is, and what it can do

The Meeting OWL camera is an advanced audio/video technology.  It has 360 degree lens that displays a panoramic video of the room, combined with a more focused view.  The focused view is automatically achieved by an array of built-in microphones that listen for sound.  It then creates a zoomed in view of that sound, which is usually whoever is speaking. Especially during a class discussion, the focused view will be change as different people physically in the room speak, which will allow your online students to feel more like they are participating in the discussion.  The Meeting OWL also has built-in speakers so you can hear sound you are playing from a computer, your online students' voices, etc


  • In certain scenarios, we recommend only using the OWL's built-in speakers and not its camera.  You'll find this special recommendation in various how-to articles we have for you on this website.
  • The Meeting OWL's speaker is the speaker to use for your in-class students in all but special cases.

Please :

  • Do not move the Meeting OWL or its "perch" (tripod) it sits on, but if you really do need to move them, please contact us for help.
  • The Meeting OWL should always be left ON, even if you are not using it, and accessed and awakened from sleep from inside the Zoom program, not from the room touchscreen control panel or remote (some rooms have a remote).  Once the OWL awakens, it plays  two short audible hoots and two sets of circles light up. When the OWL is being used, the circle lights/eyes turn on.

How do I use it?

Instructions vary a little bit depending on your teaching methodology. 

  • If you are teaching in a hyflex scenario, follow these instructions
  • If you are teaching in an online synchronous scenario, follow these instructions. 
  • If you are teaching all in-person or online asynchronously, you'll run in to light-use instructions embedded in certain instructions (sorry to be vague, you'll bump into these instructions as you read, it's hard to link directly to them.)

Need Help?

Here's how to get it.