There are two main microphones to choose from in classrooms:

Meeting Owl microphone

The Meeting OWL an array of eight microphones housed within the Meeting OWL. This is the most advanced and sensitive microphone in classrooms.  It is the best choice of microphone for open discussions. It can also be used for lecture presentations. When used in conjunction with the Meeting OWL's camera (yes, you can use one and not the other) this microphone directs the OWL camera to frame the area from which the sound in the room is coming from-- in other words, whoever is speaking gets a special visual "focus."

A Samson wireless lapel microphone 

This microphone is a small microphone that can clip to the clothing of an individual person (usually the instructor).  It is designed to capture the voice from one person only (whoever is wearing it).  This is the best microphone to use when recording a session in an empty room.  It is also a good choice when you may be speaking for extended periods of time with your back to the students (i.e. when you extensively use a chalkboard or whiteboard). It may also be used if you are moving around the classroom.

IMPORTANT TIP: When using the lapel microphone, it is helpful to keep in mind that only your voice is being captured and shared with remote participants. For this reason, if you happen to be asked a question while you are using the lapel microphone, it is a very helpful practice to repeat the question asked.  This ensures that remote participants hear the question asked. It also ensures that it is captured in any recordings you may have going. If the question/interruption engenders a discussion, consider switching the microphone being used to the Meeting OWL.

There's another microphone option:

In-room voice amplification

Some larger or atmospherically noisey classroom spaces will have an additional Samson wireless lapel mic that sends audio wirelessly to a small but powerful speaker.  We also have these microphone/speaker combinations available for check out, if your classroom doesn't have one and you feel the need for one.  Learn more.

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