Faculty members who will use a laptop in your classrooms: though wi-fi is available for you and your students to use in classrooms, there's a specific reason you, as the instructor, should turn it off:  A wired internet connection will provide you with the most reliable internet connectivity Whitman has to offer-- important for any online students connecting to your classroom!  By using a wired connection, you are eliminating a point of potential failure.

Instead of wi-fi:  when you connect your laptop to the smart classroom, you'll automatically be getting wired connection.

The caveat:  a small number of classrooms do not have an included computer, and this means that the technology used to connect your laptop to a wired internet connection is also not in these classrooms.  In this case, leave your wifi ON.  If you experience trouble with internet connectivity in these classrooms, we can help you.


Don’t forget to turn your wi-fi back ON when your session in the classroom ends