The new secondary Acer monitor can help you in a variety of ways, depending on your preference and class needs.  Common ways of using this extra monitor are:

  • A “confidence monitor”: This second screen can be used to simply show the meeting as it appears to your remote participants.  When used this way, it serves as a quick visual reference for you to check that your participants are seeing what you want them to see. (you are on camera, content is displayed properly, etc.)
  • A content holding monitor. This display can serve as a handy place to open content and have it ready (“cued up”) for when you decide to share it during a session.  Think of it as a staging area for content.
  • Displaying the video feed of your online remote students so your in-person students can see them. This secondary monitor can be used to display a gallery or speaker view of remote participants during a Zoom session.  When used in this manner, the display allows for you and students physically in the room to see remote participants on a (modestly) sized screen. 
  • PowerPoint presenter's notes:  A display for presentation notes when sharing a PowerPoint or similar presentation.

Learn how to use the secondary Acer monitor.