Make a list of your most important files. These should be the documents that you absolutely cannot live without, such as an encrypted passwords database, financial data, class assignments, or your thesis research. The number of files and total file-size that fits this description should be fairly small, and you should be able to fit everything into an account on an online file-storage system as well as on a USB key. Using both options is recommended. The more places you have these files backed up, the better. This page suggests on-site locations and off-site locations where you might store these files.

 On-Site File Storage Options

 Off-Site Storage Options:

There are a myriad of online backup services available online that are specifically designed to back up files. These services can help you store your files in an even safer and more reliable area. The following sites and applications allow you to back up files online:

Note that WCTS does not have a significant amount of experience with many of these services. We do not endorse any of them in particular, and WCTS does not explicitly support any of them. That said, we can still help you weigh your options and help get you pointed in the right direction. We suggest that you encrypt any and all sensitive information before you upload it to netFiles, Dropbox, or any other online storage service.

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